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Hello, and a warm welcome to Christ Church Orpington. 

We are a local Church of England congregation that serves the people of Orpington. We're based on Charterhouse Road, where we meet on Sundays and throughout the week. 

We welcome people of all ages, and hope that we speak words and demonstrate actions that are relevant to your everyday life. 

In this respect, we trust that our Sunday services offer a warm welcome and are time well spent. Time to spend with God, time to think about the priorities of life. Time where we can grow in relationship with others. 

All ages are included at Christ Church and our morning services provide a crèche facility for the littlest. There are also activities for children from 3 year olds to teenagers. 

However, church is not just about Sundays and we are actively involved in local schools, community action projects, summer holiday clubs, and community clubs for the elderly. 

I hope you'll take the opportunity to visit us. Perhaps you might join us for one of our services, our outreach events, or social activities. Do introduce yourself. I hope you will find a home among us, and know God's blessing for your life.



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upcoming events-

1st May 2016

10.30am . Holy Communion
    Go the next step to develop a "Rule of Life"
10.30am . Outburst
    Kingdom Living
10.30am . Pathfinders
    Decathlon Event 3: Archery
6.00pm . Juice
6.30pm . Evening Worship
    Sell All Your Things and Give to the Poor

recent sermons-

24th April 2016

AM     Emotionally Health Spiritually
Grow into an emotionally mature adult
  Revd Jay Colwill

17th April 2016

AM     Emotionally Health Spiritually
Discover the rhythms of the daily office and sabbath
  Revd Dozie Moneme

10th April 2016

AM     Peter - The Call to Love and Follow
  Martin Hayward

3rd April 2016

AM     Dealing with Doubt
  Revd Jay Colwill

27th March 2016

AM     Man? Myth? Messiah?
  Revd Jay Colwill