Dear Friends,



We are delighted to inform you that Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali joins us in November (Sunday morning 16th November) for a confirmation service. What is confirmation? In short, it is you confirming your faith in God- and the steps you have taken to walk with Him. It is also our confirmation and support of you as you journey on. (There is a bit more to it, but it isn’t big or scary!) It also formalises your Christian commitment so that you can regularly receive benefit of partaking in the bread and wine (the body and blood of Christ) during our services.



This is an appropriate next step for anyone who feels they have come to Christ in a new way, or they have joined the Anglican church from another denomination, or they want to make a public declaration of their faith and have never been confirmed before.  As part of that exploration, Christ Church would offer you some preparation in order that you feel able to confirm your faith with confidence. We offer to meet with adults for 4 sessions and a 'rehearsal' on a mid-week evening (if you are part of a small group, you might need to suspend your attendance from that for this period.) We also meet with young people on a Sunday evening - during the 'Juice' sessions.  In these sessions, we cover some essential areas of Christian theology. It’s an informal and interactive time with a group of other adults also considering this next step.



Do speak to any teenagers/those of secondary school age who you think may be interested. Do prayerfully consider it for yourself as well!



As such, Jay would welcome a chance to talk with you further. Do contact him on 01689 870923 or at