easter and pcc vacancies

Dear Christ Church,


1. Firstly a reminder of the services here at Christ Church over Easter:


  • Maundy Thursday Holy Communion, 8pm in the Chapel,
  • Good Friday – please join other Orpington Christians outside the Methodist Church at 10.30am for the Walk of Witness, concluding with a short service outside the Walnuts Leisure Centre.  Dozie will be leading an hour’s mediation from 2pm at Christ Church. 
  • Easter Sunday – Said Holy Communion at 9am and All Age Holy Communion at 10.30am


Please note – there will be no 9am prayer meeting on Saturday 4th April.


2.  You will have read in previous emails and on the notice sheet that we need a PCC Treasurer and PCC Secretary from 

      April.  Can any of you fulfil these roles?


  • At Christ Church the Treasurer provides oversight and planning rather than day to day book keeping, so it need not take a huge amount of time.  Understanding of financial matters is important but formal accounting qualifications are not required.  Please consider prayerfully whether you may be called to this service and speak with Jay or Steve Georgiadis for more information.
  • The Secretary helps prepare the agenda for the 6 PCC meetings and APCM held each year and takes minutes of these meetings.  You do not need to be a member of the PCC; all you really need is to have is the ability to send and receive emails, prepare agendas and take accurate minutes!  Again, please consider prayerfully whether you may be called to this service and speak with Jay or Bill Belsham for more information.



3.  We have received the following from Bishop Given of Kondoa and Jay (who is still in Kondoa):


From Bishop Given:

The weather condition is still very bad, the drought is very severe especially in Kondoa. Yesterday I visited some farms and the situation was terribly bad. The Prime Minister yesterday when opening the Parliament warned that there will be a strong famine this year, he asked people to be careful in using their food. Please kindly pray for us. I am saying we need rain not for our crops which has already died but water for the animals. Currently in villages even water is difficulty to get. We trust you will hold our people into your prayers.


And Jay writes:

In the light of the drought conditions that Kondoa are suffering (and I have witnessed), the crops have failed and as October, November approaches, Bishop Given expects many people to go hungry. Richard Arding wrote to the committee wondering how parishes might help. After a few days of reflection, I wondered about a way forward. Could link parishes give an Easter season or Pentecost collection towards the purchase of maize so that parish priests could distribute it as people had need? The price of maize is going up, and will increase further during the year, so action sooner than later is needed. The rains are gradually coming but too late to save many of the crops.


With this in mind, we have decided that the offertory on Easter Sunday morning will go towards the purchase of maize in Kondoa.  Please do give generously.   For those of you who can gift aid your donation, please place it in a yellow envelope (available from the back of church) and mark it ‘Kondoa Maize’.



Kind regards,


Andy Goddard

Parish Administrator