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One of the foundations of the Christian life is an understanding of God's word - as we read it in Bible. However, we may not be able to go to theological college or access diocesan training. To some of us, the Bible can feel like a closed book! So, to help us understand it more, we are drawing on the experience of the School of Theology at Holy Trinity Brompton. "Bible Track" has been filmed there so that we can run an introduction to the Bible within out local community. The dates and themes will be as follows:

Bible Track February: Introduction to the Bible.
March: First 5 Books of the Bible.
April - May: The Wisdom Literature.
June - July: The Gospels.
September - October: The "Catholic" Epistles.

There will be talk outlines provided for each talk. This will help you follow, but you can take notes as well. Learning in community is important to us so there is a discussion time accompany each talk. In these ways, we can not only learn from the video material but from one another as well. So, how can you participate? First of all, we value the home group ministries and we don't want to stop them. Therefore we propose running Word4Life on Sunday evenings at 6.30pm as part of our evening service programme.

What To Do Now?
We want to encourage every member of the church to consider joining us at Word4Life. We believe that no matter how familiar or unfamiliar you are with the Bible, you will find great benefit in studying this Bible overview and it's themes. Talk it through with any family members and / or members of your home group.

Word4Life is taking place at 6.30pm on Sundays in church. Do Join Us!

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